Domain names can cause no end of confusion to those not well versed in the jargon of the web. Put simply, a domain is the address used to reach a website (the part after www.) and the part of an email address after the ‘@’ symbol. They are unique and belong to the registrant, e.g. you.

Once you have a domain, its yours, nobody can hold it to ransom and no matter where you got it, you are not obliged to buy anything else from the same supplier, no matter how much they may say otherwise.

Dezine Host provides free domain management for all hosting customers which includes automatic renewal handling to ensure you don’t loose your domain and your website & email are not interrupted. If you already have a domain, Dezine Host will oversee its transfer to our preferred registrar (123 Reg) for free (excluding registrar fees for registration extensions etc).

Domains can also be purchased on your behalf and configured for your needs for new or existing sites.