Dezine Host operates a dedicated, privately owned email & web hosting server in order to provide customers with the best possible service. The server is professionally hosted in a secure and managed data centre environment within the UK.

Our hosting options come in three sizes:

Size Typical Use Features & Limits Price*
Small Personal Site Up to 10 pages of content, 6 email addresses each with 20MB storage £3.99/month
Medium Sport Club or Small Business Up to 30 pages of content, 20 email addresses each with 20MB storage £5.99/month
Large E-commerce, Business, Clubs/Societies Over 30 pages of content, unlimited email addresses £7.99/month

Not sure you fit into any of those neatly? Don’t worry, we allow you to tailor your package with extras to suit your needs. Just email your requirements and we’ll calculate the cost and send you a link to a customised payment page..

Extra Price*
Email Address £0.25/month
10MB Inbox limit increase £0.10/month
Page £0.35/month

*Hosting and extras are charged annually in advance on a recurring basis, all prices are subject to VAT. The contract lasts 12 months and cannot be terminated early however if you do not wish to renew, simply advise us before the anniversary date and your subscription will be terminated.

Bandwidth and disc space limitations are not generally applied to hosting in the traditional sense. However all sites are expected to maintain modest resource usage. The overall available resources are not infinite and they are shared between our customers and therefore all hosting is offered on a ‘fair use’ basis. Sites placing heavy demands on resources may need to be split out into a separate account. Additional charges would then apply but fair warning would be given and assistance to find a agreeable solution would be on offer. Contract termination is possible under these circumstances with a pro rata refund.