Scrubbing Ts & Cs

Drive Scrubbing Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions before submitting a hard drive (or other media) for scrubbing.

  1. Definitions:
    ‘Dezine-Host’ is a trading name for Mark Vowles, a sole trader.
    ‘Drive Scrubbing’ refers to the act of repeatedly writing data to an item of media to render the original data irretrievable.
    ‘Media’ refers to any item of computer equipment capable of storing data, examples are hard drives, memory sticks, computer discs etc.
    ‘Client’ is the person commissioning (by way of payment) the media scrubbing. 
  2. Data Loss: Dezine-Host will not be liable for any loss of data, consequential losses or damages arising from the destruction of data during drive scrubbing. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that all data to be retained has been suitably backed up, transferred or otherwise safely extracted from the media before that media is submitted for scrubbing.Clients are hereby advised that once scrubbing is initiated it will be impossible to recover the data previously contained on the media. The process of scrubbing is destructive and it simply cannot be undone. 
  3. Ownership: You confirm that the media and all the data on it is owned and controlled entirely by yourself. Further you confirm that you are not submitting the media for scrubbing as a means to destroy evidence of criminal wrong doing and that none of the data stored on the media is the subject to any police or other official investigation. 
  4. Indemnity: You, the client, agree to indemnify Dezine-Host from all consequences, claims and action resulting from the destruction of the data stored on the scrubbed media. 
  5. Alternative arrangements: Should the media submitted for scrubbing not be functional at the time the scrubbing is attempted, then alternative methods of ensuring the data is rendered useless and unreadable will be employed, depending on the selected options for the service.In particular, media submitted for scrubbing which are to be disposed of by Dezine-Host thereafter will be mechanically rendered useless and the same fee charged. Media which is to be returned after scrubbing will either be returned and the charge cancelled or the drive mechanically rendered useless and disposed of at the option of the client. 
  6. OS Reinstall Option: Where the OS reinstall option is selected, the quoted price includes base install of operating system, web updates where applicable and installation of ‘office’ suite (e.g. word processor, spreadsheet, database and DTP software). All necessary disks must be supplied. In the case of laptop computers, the manufacturers recovery disc(s) will be required. 
  7. Disposal: Where the media is to be disposed of after scrubbing, ownership and sole title of the media transfers to Dezine-Host at the end of the scrubbing process. At this point, Dezine-Host may dispose of the media in any way, at his sole discretion, sees fit. 
  8. Certificate: Each piece of media which is scrubbed will be certified as having been scrubbed by Dezine-Host and this will be in the form of a certificate, completed with the serial number(s) of the media, date, scrubbing standard used and a signature.